We are currently looking to fill two part-time, weekend positions.

    Till Operator

        General Assistant

The successful candidates will be able to work effectively both independently and as part of a team, and flexible about assisting in other areas of the garden centre if required e.g. checking off and putting out deliveries, maintaining and merchandising stock, answering calls and general customer queries.

Please apply by Friday 15th March by emailing your CV to the manager Linda at

Alternatively you can complete an application form from or in store.

June’s Slug Control

Days are getting hotter and drier, and more inhospitable to the slug which must stay cool and moist to survive. So now the manic spring planting season is over, it’s time to turn your attention to the kind of places where slugs love to hide during these hot summer days.

The sudden burst of lush new growth provides ample places for slugs to take refuge, so keeping this trimmed to a minimum not only helps show off the explosion of colourful summer bedding, it also robs the slug of some of its daytime haunts. Keep the lower leaves of larger annuals pruned because slugs love to shelter there too.

Keep your lawn edges trimmed. This not only adds that finishing touch to a freshly mown lawn, it removes another favourite slug refuge.

It’s from places like these that slugs emerge in droves to launch their night time attack on your plants. Go on a nocturnal slug hunt and see how many of the little blighters you can collect and dispose of. It’s a surprisingly effective form of slug control.