Brand New Click & Collect Service


After receiving totally conflicting instructions from the two local authorities in which we trade we have decided to close the garden centre to browsing customers.

WE have however decided to operate a customer order service. As we have never done this in the past we ask you to bear with us as we find out what the demand is.

If you know what you want then send us an email to and we will call you back to take payment.

You will pay by card over the phone.

We will contact you when goods are picked and ready for you to pick them up.

The pickup point will be in a safe area where neither you nor our staff will come within 2 metres of each other.

We are well stocked at present and will be reordering stock such as tomato and bedding plants.

We will be putting together product listings of a lot of what we sell, again stay with us while we do that. qIn the meantime any questions we will try to answer on

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