Plant of the month : Hellebores

Hellebores are great for winter, out of 20 species, they are a herbaceous or evergreen perennial flowering plant with divided leaves and large white, green or purplish flowers. Best planted in Autumn for great winter and spring blooms, the green leaves remain strong all year round.

  • Most are hardy and happy in light shade
  • They can reach 12-48 inches in height and 18-36inches in width
  • Flowers are a rich source of nectar which attracts pollinating insects  in early spring
  • Divide in early autumn. Propagate the species by seed
  • Mulch in Spring to reduce the soil drying out
  • Nodding flowers from late winter – spring
  • They produce palmate, glossy, green coloured leaves
Close up of green Hellebore (Helleborus x nigercors) flowers, march

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