Gardening Tips for Autumn

Autumn is here…….

Tis the season to tidy and get rid! Prepare your borders for Winter bedding, clear them leaves, create compost heaps or bonfires and get your gardening equipment serviced, sharpened & maintained and cleaned before storing away for Winter and ready to go in Spring.

Top 10 jobs for this Seasons

1. Rake the leaves off your grass, paths and patio

2. Compile a compost heap

3. Cut back perennials – add 2-3 inches of mulch to protect the root systems from frost in Winter

4. Raise pots off the ground using bricks or pot feet – this prevents water logging

5. Prune back your roses by one third to half their height, this prevents them getting wind swept and getting loose in the soil

6. Cut back the yellow foliage of herbaceous perennials – divide overcrowded clumps so they can maintain their dynamism

7. Aerate your lawn

8. Edge your lawn

9. Prep a bonfire with twigs & prunings

10. Clean out water butts and let the autumn rain refill them

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