Gardening Tips for Autumn

Autumn Time

Top 10 jobs for this Season

1.Tidy Border – dig up annuals, cut back perennials and place a new layer of compost, bark or manure down to ensure an exciting display next Spring!

2. Protect your pond by putting some netting across – leaves can block your pump and filter, which then contaminates your pond and makes the water smelly and foul looking. The netting will catch the leaves, of which you can then easily remove.

3. If you have a compost heap, it’s the perfect time to empty this out and spread around the garden – so then you can fill it back up with this years leaves and wastage!

4. Keep on top on general basket, borders and patio weeds!

5. Empty and replace summer plants in hanging baskets, troughs, planters and pots with hardier winter plants, such as cyclamen, pansies & violas, ivies and ferns!

6. Prun and tidy your roses to prevent wind damage!

7. If you need to patch up certain areas of your grass, autumn with it’s expected cooler and wetter conditions is the perfect time to lay down turf or put down so grass seed!

8. Late Autumn is good for prepping seedling trays, but make sure they are under cover or in a greenhouse, the seedlings will then be ready to plant when the worst of the winter is over!

9. Crocus’, Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils & snowdrops are perfect bulbs to be plant during October to then flower in spring!

10. Don’t forget to plant your winter veg in early autumn so you can enjoy your winter soups and stews!!!

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