Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring Time

Top 10 jobs for this Season

1. Prep flower beds so that they are ready for sowing hardy annuals during late March through into April.

2. Sprinkle fertiliser around trees & shrubs and along hedges and a generous mulch of well rotted compost around the base of roses, fruit trees and shrubs

3. Houseplants and ferns can be potted in slightly larger pots

4. Get rid of any perennial weeds, either by using weed killer or digging out the roots

5. Dead head any early flowering bulbs so the foliage can die back naturally

6. Overcrowded clumps of perennials can be lifted and divided so new ones can be planted

7. De-weed any gravel, patio or path areas – maybe pressure wash your patio and paths ready for spring BBQ’s or gatherings

8. Make sure all your gardening tools are in a good condition, service your mower or sharpen the blades

9. Clear any pond algae and tidy any plant debris from around it

10. Where moss is a problem – now is a good time to apply moss killer

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